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Age: 44
Home: Harpenden, Herts

I am a 44 year old woman, who likes to set herself a challenge each year, big or small.

I have always enjoyed exercise, which has varied over the years mainly due to having problems with my back. Like many people my age, I learnt to swim with school and once I learnt to swim that was that. Over the years I didn’t continue to swim and lost so much confidence that I found myself missing out on family time in the sea, or even in the pool when my daughters were having fun swimming in the deep end. I would be waiting for them to come back to the shallow end, as at the time there was no way I could put my head under water without panicking. It really was time to learn to swim again.

I was lucky enough to have come across a very enthusiastic swim teacher at my local pool. She always spoke very passionately about open water swimming, however, I thought nothing of it as my aim was just to be able to swim a few lengths of front crawl without stopping.

Fast forward a few years and I thought the only way to push myself not to stop at the end of the pool after each length, would be to get completely out of my comfort zone and set myself the challenge of open water swimming in 2018. My swim teacher told me about the Henley Mile competition. Bizarrely, with a few minutes to spare, I entered and thought nothing more of it. When I found out that I had won a free place on the Henley Mile I just couldn’t believe that I had actually won something and I was so excited. Then it hit me, I really would have to swim in the open water now. So here I am, still very excited and also very nervous, as I still struggle to swim a few lengths without stopping. However, I am very determined that I can do this, This Girl Can!

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