Thank you.

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Hello all, I’d like to take a minuet to reflect on my This Girl can experience one week on from the big day. Firstly can I say an enormous thank you to everyone involved in making the Henley mile possible, Juliet and the rest of the crew were amazing from […]

Joining the Neoprene Gang

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Hello all, Sorry about the delay in posting an update, but life has been very busy and seems to fly by far to quickly!! So after the madness that is the school half term break is now over, and some resemblance of peace has resumed in the Chelton household I’ve […]

You Can Do This!

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Hi Everyone, So I have finally got around to putting pen to paper, or should I say fingertips to keyboard to get started with this blog, (bear with me i’m new to this blogging thing too!). After the initial shock of the phone call confirming this is happening stared to […]