The inner hulk

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I was splashing along the edge of the pond trying to stay cheery. The first five minutes had been full of underwater shrieks and mad kicking. If I stayed still and silent, I knew the slimy greenery would tie knots around my ankles and pull me under. Because that’s what […]

Sunday night fever

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I have flipped the calendar to July. My late-night bid to organise the universe. This little dog is having second thoughts. So many, in fact, that he wonders if they might be third thoughts. It started as a twinge of panic and then grew, overnight – like to-do lists and […]

A poolside guide

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A page has been turned. The smug crossbreed has been replaced by a go-getting greyhound and June is upon us. This canine athlete is running so fast, in fact, that it is little more than a skinny blur. I have the feeling it might help speed up the whole month. […]

The call

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In my experience, congratulatory voicemails are usually from O2. Their bolt-on deals seem to know no bounds. I was on a jam-packed bus and it sounded similar. Short and punchy, unreservedly upbeat. I waited until my stop before replaying it on loudspeaker to check what the hoo-ha was all about. […]