We did it!

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Whoop! These girls did it – so can you. Now stop worrying and go do something fun! All of us started off as complete newbies to open water swimming and over the past 12 weeks we’ve worked to achieve something we didn’t know was possible. GO GIRLS! Swim Day. This morning I […]

Stage Fright

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I’m worrying. Before an event I’d expect to feel a nervous excitement, wondering how things would go, how fast it could be. However due to a combination of unfortunate events I’m feeling nervous but not really excited. In fact I am feeling a great deal of trepidation. The open water […]

Taking the plunge

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After the glorious weather we had earlier on this month I decided to brave my first open water swim. I’m fortunate to have a lovely designated venue close by ‘Race Hub’ with rescue craft and changing rooms. There were 76 people swimming that evening and when I said I had […]

Plain Sailing

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Unfortunately last week featured a complete absence of swimming of any sort. Even though I was never more than a few feet from water, a swim would have been easy to instigate but challenging to conclude because I’ve spent the week as a watch leader on board Tall Ship Stavros S […]

If in doubt – freestyle

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Swimming this week has been of the slow and steady variety due to a few nights with poor sleep (fortunately not back down to 2.5 hours). Learning to accept that there will be weeks where I can push it and others where it’ll just be a steady distance builder has […]