My Happy Place

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I’ve only managed 1 swim a week for the past few weeks and nothing at all in the past 5 days. This would normally be a disaster and not jusy because I have the Henley Mile in only 3 weeks (gulp!) but because I’m a confidence swimmer. If I miss […]

Itchy and Scratchy

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The reality of this challenge set in a week ago.  The initial high of having won a place, doing something for me, literally re-shaping myself by losing inches, and discovering that I REALLY do love swimming had been replaced with a routine that I was sadly learning to dread. I […]

Oh no! What have we done?

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Testing… Testing… one two…. one two… Is this thing on? yes? Hello everyone!  We’re live and we’re training. Please support us on our journey. I found out about 3-4 weeks ago that I was lucky enough to get a This Girls Can place in the Henley Swim. Even in this […]