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Now I must admit, practice over half term was…ahem…none existent. However, pre and now post holidays, I’ve been accompanied by my two pool friends who (I naively think) will absolutely ensure I’ll be able to swim myself beyond Temple Island on July 9th! So in floatymcfloatface and bottoms up I […]

This swimmer is rebooting

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I’d like to say practice has been going swimmingly (pun intended) but a bad back last week meant that I only ventured to the pool to take the girls for their swim. Having a week off though has bizarrely reset my batteries. I’d really struggled with energy during my last […]

Soft play is training right?

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Last Thursday the weather was so glum that any outside activities would’ve resulted in two grumpy girls (and one grumpy mum), so in a hasty decision I set off to a nearby soft play with the expectation that the girls could run around with carefree abandonment and I could have […]

I love hats

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Now, I’ve not worn a swimming hat since my teenage days when I swam for a club, so I was super excited when I was sent this cheeky little green number (not brave enough for bright pink one at the moment) as it would absolutely mean I’d look ‘all professional […]