Camaraderie & coffee cake

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Tempting as it was to keep gazing at my wetsuit, getting into it couldn’t be a one off occurrence. I needed to get on with it and dip my toe into water of the non-chlorinated variety.  I’ve been compulsively joining open swim groups on social media these last 12 weeks, possibly trying to convince myself that in some way this made me more […]

Fast, Flexible, Buoyant

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My diligent internet research of wetsuits wasn’t getting me anywhere, so in the end it took my mum to say “here’s somewhere close by, just ring them”. Biting the bullet I did and arranged to head there the following day. On the phone it sounded relatively straightforward, they took the […]

Dipping a toe in

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Sometimes it’s those little questions that get in the way….like what an earth am I meant to be doing? Ok, I know the bigger picture, the general gist being to swim up and down at variety of different speeds, with a variety of paraphernalia, but aside from that. How do […]

Getting superpowers

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It may sound a little odd to admit, but one of the things I worry about as I swim is being conspicuous. So when I received my official Henley swim hat I realised this was something I was going to have to get over, though I have to confess it’s […]

It’s all about the wobble

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It’s not a great week when you find you have to include a walk along the towpath as part of your training, but I’ll take successes where I can and with the husband working away I needed to be creative. Not to be defeated I figured this gave me opportunity […]

An undiscovered talent

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6:30am normally finds me in a bleary eyed state of semi-consciousness, fueled by strong coffee as I get ready to try and spoon porridge into a wide awake baby.  So, with this in mind choosing to set the alarm for 6am before the sound asleep baby woke up seemed to […]