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Age: 35
Home: Marlow, Bucks

I’m Mum to two beautiful girls (4 & 1) who are brimming with so much personality I sometimes wonder who is actually in charge! Since going back to work earlier this year I often joke about my days in the office as being my ‘days off’! Hang on a minute…days off used to be about having some ‘me’ time, if going to work is the only ‘me’ time I get then something must be wrong! Where did the career-minded, ‘sporty’ girl go? I’ve since joined a gym to swim and practice yoga regularly which has been incredible for my mental well-being, but I felt I actually wanted to achieve something for myself this year. I often see organised sports events taking place in my local park and had always aspired (blue sky thinking) to taking part one day. In the past I’ve been crippled by my lack of confidence so naturally I’d fall back into my shell and was soon distracted by the consuming world of being a parent. Entering the Henley Mile publicly will ensure I commit to completing this challenge. As my daughter’s favourite TV programme quotes ‘’with or without magic, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it’.

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