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If you are an elite swimmer, you need to be sure that you have the Henley Classic and Henley Mile in your 2017 diary.

Henley Classic – Sunday 25th June 2017 – 4.30am

At the Henley Classic, the elite swimmers compete for the Inman & Ovey cups. The cups were donated to the Henley Classic by the Henley River & Rowing museum. They were awarded for open water swimming races on the Henley reach dating back to the 1890s making them among the most historic and prestigious prizes in British open water swimming.

Inman and Overy cups


The current holders are Andrew Horsfall-Turner and Amy Vaal

Henley Mile – Sunday 9th July 2017 – all day

At the Henley Mile the elite swimmers compete for the £1,000 prize money (£500 for men, £500 for women). Swimmers are required to race the mile twice – once in the morning in a wetsuit and once in the afternoon in skins. The male and female swimmers with the fastest cumulative times will be crowned champions, and receive the prize money. With so much at stake the final stretch can become very competitive, in the past a few hundredths of a second have been the difference between winning, and not.


The current holders are Tom Allen and Sophie Millen


Two very different events, with different incentives for racing.

If you think you are eligible for the Elite races (men under 18 minutes for 1500m, women under 10:30 minutes for 800m) please contact for more information.


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