You Can Do This!

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Hi Everyone,

So I have finally got around to putting pen to paper, or should I say fingertips to keyboard to get started with this blog, (bear with me i’m new to this blogging thing too!).

After the initial shock of the phone call confirming this is happening stared to fade, I began to plan my training. I downloaded a training plan, researched the timetables for the local pools, and decided that I deserve a new swimming costume if I was going to take this seriously. (Any excuse to shop!)  With bag packed complete with new googles and a swimming hat to tuck my tube into I was ready to get started.

With excitement I walked into the changing room, getting myself changed I couldn’t help but overhear the other ladies who were clearly regulars here, chatting and catching up with their gossip, a sudden wave of nerves came washing over me, and I felt completely out of place here. What if i’m too slow? how do you know which lane to start in? what if these regulars get irritated by the newbie? is this a case of  “all the gear and no idea?”                                                                                                                                  Images of the old style western movies, where everyone stops to stare at the stranger entering the bar flashed through my mind. I considered getting changed again and leaving with a plan to come back when there are less people about, but then something stopped me, You signed up for this Jo, You wanted this, and YOU CAN DO THIS! With a deep breath and a few stern words to myself I stepped through the door.

One lady did turn round to look at me, she must have seen the look of terror on my face, as she flashed me a reassuring smile and with a quick knowing nod of the head she turned and carried on walking.

That little voice pipped up again, It’s ok Jo these people are not going to chase you out the pool for being in the wrong lane! and so it began this exciting journey.

Lessons i’ve learned this week….

  1. Swimmers are friendly not scary,
  2. Swimming is hard and wakes up muscles i’d long forgotten I have,
  3. Im going to really love facing this new challenge.

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  • Katy Potter says:

    Hi Jo! Loved this and brought back so many memories, especially the “which lane should I be in angst!” I was a TGCS class of 2016!).
    Looking forward to reading the next update. Am envious of the experience ahead of you X

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