The day before!

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The day before!

This time tomorrow, the TGCS1017 girls will be suited and booted ready for the start of the Henley mile. Nerves have crept back the last couple of days, culminating in a meltdown last night with tears and a lot of “I can’t do it!” From me not Megan!

For some of the girls, this is the start of their love of open water. For myself, the jury is out as to if I will be hanging up my wetsuit! My first open water experience didn’t go anywhere how I thought it would, and I came out of the water questioning my ability to take part on Sunday. I wasn’t anxious about being in the lake, it was the fact that swimming with other people highlighted how slow I am!  It’s never bothered me that I am a slow swimmer, technique isn’t my strongest, I just enjoy being in the pool. I’ve learnt to pace myself, so it doesn’t affect me too much afterwards, and I can really switch off as I am pootling up and down. I have always looked at it that one length is better than none!

My family, who have supported me the whole time, have never questioned my ability. As, I sat there reeling from insecurities about letting people down, my husband reminded me that I have already achieved what I have set out to do and that is to show Megan that success comes in different ways and it’s not all about coming first or being the best, and how whatever happens tomorrow, it doesn’t matter as she is already proud of me.

So, as I start my swim tomorrow, I have to remember to swim for fun, enjoy the day, the scenery as I will have a lot of time to do this! and more importantly be proud!


Megan isn’t blogging today, after recently completing her GCSEs, she doesn’t want to go anywhere near a laptop! So, she’s busy baking cakes for the group tomorrow.


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