Sea swimming

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So after being out of action for 2 weeks with a virus I then a holiday for 2 weeks my training is not really going  to plan so I packed my hat and goggles with the view that I could train in the sea whilst I was away.


We we’re in Mallorca for the holiday and there was a heat wave on, so getting in the sea was marvellous! It actually felt cooler than the lake back at home and was really refreshing, so refreshing that I got back out to put my hat on to keep some heat in.  I was a bit worried about being seen so I went to the edge of the bay we were in and swam back and forward between the bay.  It was hard! So much harder than I was expecting.  After years in the sea trying to surf I loved being in the sea, but I guess I had never actually attempted to properly swim in the sea before.  I still struggle with front crawl but I was determined to try.  The first thing that shocked me was how the salt water felt in the mouth, it was so salty and stung and made your mouth feel so dry.  The other thing was the currents, the waves, the extra waves when a boat went past.  Also, at being eye level with the water things look different.  I got very scared by a floating stick at one point! I though it was a mini shark.  I couldn’t do front crawl the entire time and reverted to my easier breast stroke, but I managed 4o minutes before I admitted defeat and got out.


What have a I learnt? Not to panic, the panic still gets me, that I won’t be able to do it, that a stick is a shark etc… Take deep breaths and remember why I’m doing this.  It’s not something to be endured but something to be enjoyed and I want to try and enjoy every swim, and if I’m not, I need to take deep breaths, slow down and look at the view.  It’s not a view you can get any other way than being in the water and that’s a very very wonderful thing.


The other thing I’ve learnt is that sea swimmers are amazing for being able to race in the sea! Swim hats off to you!


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