Rebecca Chamberlain

April 18th, 2017 / by / in: The girls / No responses

Age: 40

Home: Camberley, Surrey

Mother, friend and mad old dog lady.  My inspiration for taking part in This Girl Can Henley Mile is my daughter, Ava. She is a great swimmer, as is my son, who both most definitely take after my husband!  I am more of a – learn to swim a few lengths and tread water in my pjs as a child, then stop lessons and handstand in the pool on holiday – kind of swimmer.  My idea of the perfect swim would be head up breaststroke in a gloriously warm pool, preferably in the Mediterranean, with a book and cold drink waiting for me when I get out.  Not quite the Thames!  Hey ho.  So why do this?  Ava hugely enjoyed open water swimming with my husband last year, however my husband has stopped swimming due to injury.  It seemed a shame that Ava wouldn’t be able to enjoy open swimming again this year, so here I am, pretty apprehensive, but motivated to take the murky plunge so that we can enjoy a new sport together.  Seems silly to let my fear stop our fun, family days out with our dogs at the lakes seems all pretty blissful, I just have to get in the lake while we’re there!?!  So here we go on a watery adventure – and you never know, I think I may even love it.

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