One week to go…

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So, only 1 week to go and a bit of reflection for me. I can’t believe that we are finally at this point and instead of dreading finally swimming the mile next Sunday, I’m really really looking forward to it.


Since finding out I had won this place in March there have been lots of swimming ups and downs not just with me but it really has been a challenge in all senses of the word for most of us in building up for the swim; but so far so good, we are all ready for next Sunday.


The biggest hurdle I have faced however is not what I expected. It’s the wetsuit! As I still haven’t found a wetsuit that fits properly (they are all too short and it feels like someone is strangling me) I have been swimming mostly in my swimsuit which I never thought I would be doing but it is heavenly and in a way I’m glad that I’ve experience that. I think that if I had found a lovely comfy wetsuit I’d probably still be in in it.


In a wetsuit, aside from feeling like I’m being choked, it takes away the reason I’m swimming outdoors, and that is the actual fact that I am in nature. It makes me realize how lovely it is to feel the cold water on your skin, even sometimes the feel of the weeds brushing past you. I am still on the hunt for a good wetsuit as I’d love to continue this swimming journey into the winter and I’m guessing I’ll definitely be needing one then but so far I haven’t found the ‘one’.


So here’s to all the girls and next Sunday. I can’t wait.

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  • Simone says:

    I used to find the same, try a zone 3 – Apire, or Orca both seem to be a bit bigger around the neck and not so high,

    Good luck for next weekend and most of all enjoy it!

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