Oh no! What have we done?

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Testing… Testing… one two…. one two… Is this thing on? yes?

Hello everyone!  We’re live and we’re training. Please support us on our journey.

I found out about 3-4 weeks ago that I was lucky enough to get a This Girls Can place in the Henley Swim. Even in this short time, it has changed my life. I have swam 7 km in the last 2 weeks, with the last 3 sessions being 1.5k  each. To put that in perspective, I swam 3 times in January (and only because it was free) and before that my last trip to the pool was back in  2008. Back then – 10 years ago (gulp!) – I thought 1km per session was an excellent effort. Now that feels like cheating. The training program I’ve been given has shaken up my perspective of what I can do and helped me believe in myself. I feel challenged, I feel strong, I feel fluid in the water….. Until I see the guys & girls in the lane next to me effortlessly churning out lap after lap after lap. However “more powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin”.  We can’t all be dolphins but we can all love a good swim.

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