Neoprene’s not my thing

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Determined to get into the open water as soon as possible I have purchased a wetsuit. After spending some time choosing it, I opted for a plain black suit  – my thinking was that it would be slimming and not draw attention to my swimming skills.

I was suitably excited waiting for it to arrive, and when I got home to find the box sitting there, I ripped it open and decided to try it on there and then. There were a pair of white gloves in the pack which I assumed were to wear whilst putting the suit on (someone correct me if I am wrong). By the size of the gloves (huge) I presumed that the wetsuit would at least be big enough. Well, what can I say….after some time, I got it on. Note to self, arrive at least 30 minutes before the race starts in order to wrestle the wetsuit on.

The good news is that the wetsuit fits, the bad news is that it is very unflattering. For some reason I thought it would be slimming. It is not. BUT, in the spirit of sharing, I am going to post the picture of me in the wetsuit. I think it might inspire me to train harder.




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