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Hello all,

Sorry about the delay in posting an update, but life has been very busy and seems to fly by far to quickly!! So after the madness that is the school half term break is now over, and some resemblance of peace has resumed in the Chelton household I’ve found a moment to sit and fill you in with what’s been going on.

I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable at the pool and have settled nicely into a routine.
As I improve on the distance that I’m able to manage my thoughts are turning to perfecting my stroke and positioning in the water, there really is a lot more to swimming than I first realised!
I had hoped to continue training over the school break as much as possible so that I didn’t loose my motivation, thankfully we had a couple of days sunshine so I was able to take the kids down to the Local Lido and while they splashed about and had some fun I got a few lengths in, we are so lucky to have such a stunning facility on our doorstep!

With only 5 weeks to go before the big day I’ve stepped up the pace with the training, and  with my initial fears and upon reflection my totally unnessasary  insecurity about life in the local swimming circle now pushed aside I’m starting to really enjoy myself. Although I’m very aware that my comfort with swimming in the pool is great, swimming in open water is very different and has its own physical and mental challenges, so I guess it’s now time to face the lakes!!!

That brings me to my next challenge the mind boggling world of wetsuits…

I had no idea just how many different styles and brands there are out there! I was looking for one that would suit a newbie like me, but one that also didn’t have a price tag that would send my Husband into a meltdown. I can honestly say that I have found shopping for a wetsuit harder than I found shopping for my wedding dress!!!

After many google searches, and reading endless but very helpful reviews on flexibility and buoyancy I think I may have found one.

I just hope it fits well enough, it was rather easy to get on which surprised me and is far more comfortable than I had imagined. I guess they say the proof is in eating the pudding, so I plan to try it out over the next week in the open water.  Wish me luck…… I shall update you all next week on how I get on, have a wonderful week everyone.


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