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Age: 36
Home: Guildford

Hello, I’m a 36 year old mother of 3, I work nights in the local Emergency Department, a demanding but very rewarding job!
My childhood summers were whiled away swimming at the local outdoor pool, but that soon gave way to a life of working and raising my family. Times spent in the pool since have been few and far between and consisting in mainly splashing around with the kids.
My health over the past year has seen a few bumps in the road, and my fitness has taken a back seat, but I love a challenge so when I came across the Henley swim I thought why not give it a go? I filled in the application and thought no more of it, until the call to say I’m in came! (Eek) so here I am really excited albeit with an undertone of nervous wreck about facing this new challenge head on and sharing the experience with you all.

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  • Alison Baker says:

    Hey Jo, I was a Girl Who Could two years ago, and I live and swim in Guildford, so if you need a local swim buddy, I am happy to meet up. Alison

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