In the weeds…

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Six weeks to go! It’s been such a beautiful weekend  and I’ve just spent this glorious afternoon with the lovely “this girl can” team surveying “the mile.” The river looked inviting in the bright sunshine and I must confess that I did feel like hopping in.

I think I am about half way ready to swim The Henley Mile now, I can manage 750m in open water, I can just about manage 1500m in the pool, but I am in no way confident enough to put both together and I am still very slow. I need to up my game, but at the same time I find it all quite tiring and my body aches…

My kids and husband are being very supportive – luckily they all enjoy open water swimming, and this half term we all managed to go swimming together in Horseshoe Lake which was so nice. Okay, so they didn’t wait for me, but they were there when I finished the lap to tell me well done.

Two things have happened this week which I think  will make a difference to my progress:

  1. I have got a new pair of goggles, which I can actually SEE through
  2. I decided to abandon the idea of ever being able to breathe on both sides and from now on I am just sticking to the one side

So, armed with my goggles and my poor technique, I will continue to swim through the weeds, try to increase my endurance and hopefully get a more positive attitude!

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