Thank you.

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Hello all, I’d like to take a minuet to reflect on my This Girl can experience one week on from the big day. Firstly can I say an enormous thank you to everyone involved in making the Henley mile possible, Juliet and the rest of the crew were amazing from […]

The inner hulk

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I was splashing along the edge of the pond trying to stay cheery. The first five minutes had been full of underwater shrieks and mad kicking. If I stayed still and silent, I knew the slimy greenery would tie knots around my ankles and pull me under. Because that’s what […]

What lurks beneath…

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‘First times’ are often very daunting and challenging – and whilst I always have to push myself to do something new and out of my comfort zone I’m always so pleased I did it once the event has passed. So here goes with my first blog about my first open […]

My Happy Place

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I’ve only managed 1 swim a week for the past few weeks and nothing at all in the past 5 days. This would normally be a disaster and not jusy because I have the Henley Mile in only 3 weeks (gulp!) but because I’m a confidence swimmer. If I miss […]

Sunday night fever

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I have flipped the calendar to July. My late-night bid to organise the universe. This little dog is having second thoughts. So many, in fact, that he wonders if they might be third thoughts. It started as a twinge of panic and then grew, overnight – like to-do lists and […]

Joining the Neoprene Gang

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Hello all, Sorry about the delay in posting an update, but life has been very busy and seems to fly by far to quickly!! So after the madness that is the school half term break is now over, and some resemblance of peace has resumed in the Chelton household I’ve […]