Waving or drowning?

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This photo shows the calm before the storm…..okay, there was no real storm, it was actually a beautiful day and the lake was 15 degrees warm. But I expected a challenging environment and I’ve got to say, my first open water experience lived up to my expectations. As you can […]

The call

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In my experience, congratulatory voicemails are usually from O2. Their bolt-on deals seem to know no bounds. I was on a jam-packed bus and it sounded similar. Short and punchy, unreservedly upbeat. I waited until my stop before replaying it on loudspeaker to check what the hoo-ha was all about. […]

You Can Do This!

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Hi Everyone, So I have finally got around to putting pen to paper, or should I say fingertips to keyboard to get started with this blog, (bear with me i’m new to this blogging thing too!). After the initial shock of the phone call confirming this is happening stared to […]

Oh no! What have we done?

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Testing… Testing… one two…. one two… Is this thing on? yes? Hello everyone!  We’re live and we’re training. Please support us on our journey. I found out about 3-4 weeks ago that I was lucky enough to get a This Girls Can place in the Henley Swim. Even in this […]

These Girls Did!

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Last Sunday, 6 wonderful ladies got in the Thames and entered their first ever open water swimming event and came out smiling! What a wonderful day, we were so lucky with the weather; the sun was shining all day so it made it a perfect day to spend with our […]

The day before!

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The day before! This time tomorrow, the TGCS1017 girls will be suited and booted ready for the start of the Henley mile. Nerves have crept back the last couple of days, culminating in a meltdown last night with tears and a lot of “I can’t do it!” From me not […]