Beware of the (giant plastic) swans

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I was the last in our group to actually make it into open water. Granted, I’d tried a few weeks before, having dutifully turned up at 6.30am (5am alarm and I am not a morning person), stood outside with a small gathering of wetsuit clad swimmers only to find out it was cancelled. So my apprehension to just get myself into water had risen to levels that I even contemplated a dip in our village stream (it’s technically a river but being knee high and about two meters wide, its not the grandest of rivers!). The feedback of first swims from the other girls has been mixed and whilst I knew I am very happy to swim in a pool, sticking me in a never used wetsuit and into murky weed filled water did make me feel unsettled, especially as I was the last to do so. So I found myself back again last week (5am start…did I tell you, I’m really not a morning person) in the hope that this time swimming would actually be on and I would indeed get in the water. Luckily I arrived at the same time as another woman who, whilst had swum in open water before, hadn’t at this particular lake, and so together we filled out our forms and made our way to the pontoon. I’m truly thankful to this friendly lady because honestly I’d have spend a whole lot of faffing on the waters edge had it not been with her. After a quick instruction of where the course buoys were, it was straight in and off. And with a few ‘oh my god…WEEDS’ moments and ‘flip, I can’t see a thing’, it was a genuine love at first swim. The feeling of being in water but surrounded (in my local lakes case) by buildings and a hotel was rather surreal and I must admit I took the time to do some slow stokes just to it all in with a grin on my face.

And so in 3 days I’ll be joining the lovely TGC ladies to swim the Henley mile.

Yikes…IN 3 DAYS…?? From receiving the congratulations email whilst eating lunch with my husband (and, ahem, then having to tell him I’d may have entered the competition whilst he was working overseas…), to getting myself into (mostly) weekly lane swimming, to panicking over wetsuits and finally last week actually swimming in open water, it feels like time has gone by at a great speed.
But it’s been awesome and I can’t wait to get into the Thames with the ladies this Sunday!



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