5 Open Water Swimming Spots in 5 days

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My swimming hasn’t gone to plan for several weeks now. The closest I had got to water recently was when I staged a mutiny and evicted the dogs from their paddling pool last Thursday.

To get things back on track and – more crucial – to build confidence for next weekend, I came up with the plan of 5 open water swims at 5 different locations over the next week. I explained this to hubby yesterday and told him that I was going to start this on Sunday. He said ‘Why not now?’ – such a man of action – and so at 7:30pm last night I was swimming in the Wye River with my new best friend, Gary the Gull.

It was just a refreshing paddle in a very weedy river. It was difficult to do a good strike as the river is so low and every pull was through armfuls of weed. It was more of a float then a swim. But it was fabulous all the same. Hubby was impressed enough to buy me an unplanned dinner in Monmouth afterwards. Thankfully there is no CCTV coverage near the rowing club for my very quick strip out of my swimsuit and back into day wear. It was the lady at the next table who pointed out that I still have river weed on my leg.

Today, I’m off to Cotswold Water Park for a proper swim. Day 1 of 5.

Gary the Gull. Swim Coach


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