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The best Club to Pub swim in the world… probably

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If ever there were two words with a more evocative connotation it has to be Club and Pub. Swim 1.5km in the Thames from one to the other and surely you have a recipe for a great time. We Brits are a nation of Clubbers, and we don’t mean the disco here! From an early age our very DNA is shaped and moulded as we are encouraged and cajoled into all types of  sports clubs. And as we approach the age of Majority, our very being is once more transmogrified into a nation of pub-goers.

So what better way to raise the spirits of a nation of sports fans than to bring together the two elements – in the evening; in the summer. And just to be sure, why not add a disco, and a BBQ for good measure?

We are pretty sure this has all the ingredients of a classic sports event – and if you aren’t absolutely certain, try adding to this heady cocktail the “Carlsberg” of finishers’ souvenirs – Henley Swim’s (probably) legendary bbeadb28-44c5-4b0f-a0e7-d1143df48e72commemorative medal which, of course, doubles-up as a bottle opener. And what is a bottle opener without a bottle we hear you ask – each swimmer will also receive a limited edition bottle of Two Bells from Brakspear, which unconfirmed rumour has it, should be rolled-out as one of their regular brews. We might have made that last bit up, but if enough of you ask, the swimming world might soon have its very-own brand of beer – you never know!

So on Saturday 23rd July set your alarm clock to whatever you normally do on a Saturday – and make your way down to Henley for the evening. No ridiculous early starts for this one! Henley Rowing Club is where it all begins, and Brakspear’s nothing-less-than-iconic Angel on The Bridge is where it all ends. And that is just the swim. Stay for the BBQ and beer and watch the sun set on statistically the warmest evening of the year (probably!).

And if there are a few of you at work who fancy a challenge – have a look at the team entries. There are discounts for 10 swimmers or more (so one of you could get a free place!). Why not challenge your colleagues to find out who really is boss? Or a rival business in a team challenge? Or swim for our partner charity Sue Ryder? You won’t regret it.

TomKean Post by Henley Swim co-founder Tom Kean

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