Full House of Henley Swims for Group of Three

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Steve Tassell, along with friends Andy Jackson and Imogen Scott have entered all FOUR Henley Swim events this summer.

Like a lot of adults I hadn’t swum competitively since I left school. I picked it up again a few years ago when I gave triathlon a go. I still remember my first few sessions in the pool, it felt like the most unnatural thing in the world and I’m convinced at times I looked like I was drowning! But once things had calmed down I started to discover a real joy again.

Andy also came back in to swimming via triathlon and Imogen first swum in the Classic a few years ago. For the last few years we’ve entered the Henley Classic but this year we wanted an extra challenge! Having read a few reviews from others that had taken part in the Bridge-to-Bridge (Thames Marathon), this quickly ended up on the ‘bucket list’. The Mile is always a fun day out and we’re looking forward to the Club to Pub for those unique medals and the BBQ afterward! June can’t come round soon enough.

Steve Tassell

All events montage 12249719_10156234645345453_7339398956211778342_n

The photos are Steve & Andy having just completed the Marlow Half Iron last summer and Steve & Imogen going for a cool dip in Shiplake last December.

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